Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This Is Us - Mike and Melissa Visit Alexandria

Every year we try to slip away for a couple days for some US time. We may not be able to do this forever but it's always nice to be able to spend quality time together over a date weekend. Last year we went to Alexandria in April and it rained a good bit of the time. So this year I suggested we wait until May and.... it rain a good bit of the time. It was POURING when we packed the car Friday morning and continued to rain as we made our way to Virginia. However as we pulled into our destination Friday afternoon the skies cleared and it turned into a beautiful afternoon and evening. Our first stop was lunch at Mount Vernon. We visited here last year and enjoyed the restaurant and tour. Since we did the tour last year we skipped that part and solely focused on stuffing ourselves!

You can tell how much we hated the cornbread that came in the skillet and was served with a vanilla bean honey butter. Delicious!! I went with the cob salad while Mike ordered the fish of the day stuffed with crab meat. Dessert was delicious. I don't remember what Mike had (maybe pineapple upside down cake) because I was too busy stuffing my face with enjoying pie! Go ahead and drool!

Next up we decided to head over to Woodlawn where we wanted to do a home tour as well as see Frank Lloyd Wrights Pope-Leighey house. Unfortunately we only had time to do one so we picked Woodlawn which at one time (the land) was part of George Washington's Mount Vernon before he gifted it to his nephew. 

After our tour ended we checked into our hotel and then headed off to do some shopping at nearby outlets and then spent the evening at National Harbor. Beautiful weather, more food, an awesome view from a Ferris wheel and ice cream was a perfect way to end the day. 

Saturday morning we slept in until 8:00 (!!!!) and then leisurely got ready to head out to Jackson 20 for breakfast (brunch?!) where I of course chose french toast. It's always my go-to when we eat breakfast out. I love it so but always feel semi-guilty for the carb overload! You wish you could dig in, don't you?!

The rest of the day was spent wandering around Old Town. In and out of shops (The Lucky Knot and Torpedo Factory Art Center) and walking along the water, ending the afternoon with lunch at the Chart House. It was a lot more rainy on Saturday so our umbrellas were out most of the time. We still enjoyed ourselves though!! Love spending time together and a welcome break away from work. 

Of course when you go away and leave your kiddo behind it's always nice to bring back a cookie as big as his head. Apparently eating it was quite the challenge and exhausting enough to put him to sleep on the drive home!! Thanks Aunt Lizzy for watching our little man!! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Levi Turns Four (Two Months Ago)

One post I've been meaning to do forever. I find the more pictures I have to sort through and pick from the longer it takes me to get a post done.

Grammy and Pappy took the birthday boy out to Dunkin Donuts for a birthday doughnut. Always a hit! Although he looks depressed in the third picture here. Haha!

I did my best to make his favorite meal and let him pick out special treats. This means we had cheeseburgers, Gibbles cheese puffs and watermelon.

He also picked out cupcakes that had little ducks on them. 
P.S. taking pictures of a 4 year old seems to be too challenging for me... 

He had a blast opening his presents... Although there was no trombone. A trumpet will have to do.  

And ended his day with a bath bomb. This is the life! 

But the birthday fun didn't end here. 
All the Grandparents came over for a little party a couple of days later. 

Happy 4th Birthday Kiddo!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

This Is Us - Wandering Wilson

Mainly a wordless post... Us wandering the Wilson Equestrian Center a couple Sunday's ago...

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Earn Cash Back Using Ebates

Do you love the convenience of shopping online? If the answer is yes, do you use Ebates? If your answer is no then you MUST start now. I've known for awhile that Ebates existed but I never remembered to use it. Since Mike and I both work full time we LOVE shopping online. Especially for basic household products. Now that I'm using Ebates I hate to think how much cash I've missed out on earning over the years. This month I've made sure to use Ebates for all our purchases (and making sure that Mike does as well). And it has paid off! Our April earnings are below.

So what is Ebates? They are cash back made simple! You create an account, shop through links on their website or install the cash back button on your computer (they also have an app), apply any available coupon codes and make your purchases. Then every few months you get a check or paypal payment from them.

How does Ebates afford to give people free money? The easiest explanation I found was they are sharing money they are making through affiliate links. Ebates is also making money when we go to their website and click on the links and make a purchase - in turn they are sharing that money with us!

When will I get my payment from Ebates? Currently - to be eligible for a May check, your cash back balance must have been greater than $5.00 by 4/1/2017. If your current cash back balance reached $5.01 after 4/1/2017 you will receive a check in August.

Here are our April earnings (minus the earnings from a hotel we booked)...Are we going to get rich using Ebates? Umm, no. But we were planning to make these purchases so why not take advantage of earning a little cash back... Here is the breakdown...

Walgreens - $0.65 (spent $16.08)
Carters - $1.13 (spent $44.86)
Kohls - $0.84 (spent $13.99)
Etsy - $0.05 (spent $5.00)
JCPenney - $31.16 (spent $311.53)
Walgreens - $0.98 (spent $34.75)

Total earned: $44.70

So yes, depending on the rewards sometimes your cash back amount is going to be small. But hey, maybe at least you'll have to enough money saved up to treat your family to an ice cream date!!

So what are you waiting for? 
Get over to Ebates website and join today!! 

My referral link: https://www.ebates.com/r/MEJESE

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Time At Hagerstown Park

Many beautiful Sunday afternoon's you will find us wandering around at City Park. The Sunday before Easter was no exception and we ended up catching the end of a petting zoo that had been set up that day. Sheep, goats, ducks and a calf!! Levi loved it!!

This sweet baby was all tuckered out!! 

Playtime at the park is always fun!! 

And we saw the first baby ducks of the season! 

Pretty areas by the Art Museum! 


The Art Of Eating A Chocolate Pig

A friend bought Levi the book Small Pig for his birthday and a very important thing came along with the book - a chocolate pig!! We had so many birthdays in March (lots of cake and sweets) that I just finally let him eat the pig last week...

The art of eating a chocolate pig can be very complicated... Especially the first part where you have to sit through your Mom taking a million pictures of you smiling!

But finally permission is granted to eat the pig and you chow down! You don't stop until every last bite of chocolate has been demolished! 

Next challenge is the art of eating a chocolate bunny!! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

This Is Us - Life Puppy Sitting

Levi LOVES dogs and I always think how nice it would be if Levi could have his own puppy. So when a co-worker of mine needed someone to watch their puppy for the weekend I thought - PERFECT!! Just the thing to see what it would be like to have a dog without actually committing to a dog. And as it turns out I don't think Levi will be getting a dog any time soon. Milo was adorable and fun to have around for a couple days but I think we'll wait until Levi is ready for the responsibility of owning a pet or maybe longer... ;-)

So glad I captured these giggles!!