Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mother's Day at Green Meadows Petting Farm

**Warning** This post is going to include TONS of pictures!! Because I took tons and I love them all which means you'll be seeing pretty much all of them. ;-)

I learned about Green Meadows Petting Farm after a friend on Facebook shared pictures of a field trip they took there. I can't believe in all our trips to Frederick that we didn't realize this farm existed! It's such an amazing find and if you have kids you have to add it to a list of things to do with them. It's not cheap ($12 a person unless you are 2 or under - then you are free). Also, by going on Mother's Day I actually got in for free. So that was an added bonus. You can spend a great deal of time here, the animals are well taken care of and the stalls are clean. All important things to us! 

After arriving we caught the end of the pig race that they do(it's pretty cute) which was follow up by a hay ride. So we jumped in a wagon and the tractor pulled us along the edge of some fields and through a beautiful enchanted forest. Ok, so maybe it wasn't exactly enchanted - but it was very pretty and so peaceful. 

Then it was off to explore... And there was so much to see! Levi loved the horns on this guy!

Pot Belly Pig

Adorable baby goats - such a highlight of the day!

Sweet baby duck - my favorite animal!! If only they could stay this size...

Truth - I've been working on this post for awhile and was really having trouble narrowing down the pictures that I wanted to share. I finally figured out how to make a slide show (you can even make it full screen to see the pictures better!!) and now I can share ALL the pictures! And I'm happy because I managed to get this post done before Mother's Day 2018!! And you can tell that we had a blast! So much that we may have gone back again on Father's Day... Stay tuned...