Monday, August 15, 2016

A Dutch Wonderful Day

I missed posting this fun day in June!! Levi's first amusement park - Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA. 

I was so worried when he got on the very first ride. He had already saw what it did and he didn't hesitate at all - he wanted to ride it! I was so happy to see his happy face when he whipped around the corner. :-)


These blue monster trucks may have been his favorite ride (and they were soooo boring!!) 

He even got on a roller coaster(he's there you just can't see him)!! 

It took awhile but he finally succumbed to sleep on the drive home... 

Summer Swimming

We are SWIMMING so I shouldn't look nearly so grumpy. I think the sun was in my eyes!! ;-) 

My little wild man dare devil!! 

Once you start you don't want to stop...


These nothing like swimming on a hot summer day...

When You Give A Boy A Cookie

He might give you all sorts of silly, happy faces!! 



Sunday, August 14, 2016

Into The Woods

Just doing one of the things we do best. Spending time as a family hanging out in the woods. <3 I need to work on getting in some of these pictures... ;-)

Abby's Grave

In June Abby's marker was placed at her grave. We finally removed the heart which has been the only marker since January. Sometimes it all just seems unbelievable. Some days I wish I could just forget it all. I wish I didn't have to feel all the pain and heartache that comes with losing a child. But as time flies by (yesterday was 7 months since she was born) the memories are just as clear as ever and can all come rushing back when you least expect it. 

My prayer remains that through each day ahead my heart stays just a little softer toward those around me - especially those who are hurting themselves. And that I am willing to let God use me and find true purpose in serving Him amidst the business of this life... 

That time at the mall...

When I let Levi ride the carousel and he kept saying to the horse behind him "Hey are you following me? Are you following me?? Why are you following me?? " Hahahaha!! 

Update Time

Get ready for some blog updates the next couple days. Maybe I'll actually get (and stay) caught up!! These will include June and July. Not much has happened in August yet...

My two favorite guys... Levi was apparently having a bedtime snack of waffles and bananas...

This was the day that Levi decided to run circles around the van when I picked him up at my Mom's and he fell head first into some rocks/stones... It healed quickly!! 

Friday, June 17, 2016


Today marks 11 years since a baby boy was born into this world. He was born on June 17, 2005. His name was Nathan Levi Brown. He was my husbands baby brother. He was born still.

During our first pregnancy when we found out we were having a boy Mike mentioned to me about naming him Nathan in memory of his baby brother. Deep down I had this fear (crazy I know) that something would happen to our baby if we named him Nathan Levi after his brother - so we settled on Levi Nathan who you all know is our super rambunctious three year old. 

We couldn't have imagined when we were pregnant with our sweet daughter that she would end up passing away. You know the story well and several months shy of 11 years later Abby joined Nathan in the plot beside his. 

Nathan and Abby were on my mind all day and I just had to go to the cemetery to visit their graves. Levi tagged along to keep me company. We stopped for some flowers for the graves and balloons to release. A blue star for Nathan and a pink heart for Abby. 

Levi really had no intentions of letting the blue balloon go but it slipped from his grasp. There may have been a few tears shed. But I told him it did a good job and he really sent that balloon flying into the clouds for Nathan so that seemed to make him a little bit happy. We may be visiting the Dollar Store for a blue star balloon tomorrow. ;-)

I can't imagine a more peaceful and beautiful resting place than this. Nestled between fields near the mountains. It was just calming to sit there.

I know Cathy wishes she would have gotten a picture of Nathan because it's hard to remember all the details of how he looked so I'm sharing one we have of her holding Abby <3 

Happy Birthday in Heaven Nathan!! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hagerstown City Park

I'm so sad about the lack of time in my life for blogging. I miss being able to sit down and share what's going on with me (and us). I just had to pop in quick and share some pictures. A small trip down memory lane as I share a pictures of Levi at Hagerstown park each year since he's been born. And some favorites from last Sunday when we visited the park. Levi loves going there to play at the park! 





I love my family!! <3