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Hi! I'm Melissa, the gal behind Let Life Blossom. I was a food blogger about 10 years ago and have been blogging on and off ever since then. Now that I'm married and a Mommy I've stepped away from blogging strictly about food and just want to share about LIFE! One of the definitions of blossom was to mature or develop in a promising or healthy way and I want my marriage & family (plus my blog) to do just that! 

A little more about me: my husband and I will soon be celebrating our 6th anniversary and we have a 3 year old son named Levi and a daughter Abby(who is in heaven). Levi is getting so big, independent and head strong and challenges us everyday! He's a smart little dude, already knows so much! He loves watching t.v. (what kid doesn't) and is quickly becoming a pro at putting together puzzles. We are in the midst of potty training... 

Our  family loves coffee & ice cream, baseball, traveling and pretty much just spending time together! We stay busy as we both work outside of the home full time!! In my spare time I love to cook/bake, play piano and play around with DIY herb/essential oil cleaning and body care recipes and I recently became a consultant for Perfectly Posh

This year we faced an unexpected heartache in our lives when there were delivery complications with our daughter Abigail Rose. She was born not breathing, heart not beating and suffered major brain damage. She was with us for 15 days before she passed away January 28, 2016. 

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