Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spark Naturals Pure Essential Oils Under $7.00

So I think everyone knows that essential oil are a big thing right now. And while I don't think they'll heal you from every ailment you may get during your life I do love using them for DIY projects, balms and salves, cleaning and yes even medicinal purposes! However some brands are expensive, leaving you super discouraged because you can't afford them. But seriously guys - pure essential oils don't have to break the bank! Here are 22 essential oils from Spark Naturals that are $7.00 or less!! And that's BEFORE you use the 10% off your entire order coupon code: simplyhealth

So if you've been unsure about starting to use essential oils, try a few out and see if you like them. I'm pretty sure you'll be hooked by the quality and affordability this brand has to offer! 

ALWAYS save 10% off your entire essential oil order at Spark Naturals when you use coupon code: simplyhealth