Thursday, March 31, 2016

Memories of Abby

Yesterday a new Mommy was added to a infant loss group I'm part of on Facebook. Today I added this Mommy as a friend and I began to scroll down her Facebook page looking at pictures of her little baby girl that just passed away last week. And in one of the pictures I saw it. Her little baby girl was swaddled up in this same swaddle Abby is wearing in the photo. So many emotions filled me when I saw that picture. So many bittersweet memories came rolling back. The night this picture was taken we wept over out little baby girl. We knew what was coming the next day. That we would begin to unhook her little body from all the machines, that she would have her first and last bath, that we would try to smile through out tears while we had our pictures taken, and then we would wait out those last days of her life. Though we trusted God in our minds we still thought how unfair it was that this little girl that we loved and wanted so much was going to be taken from us. And because I'm human even now sometimes I still think that it was unfair. But I still trust God because I know He loves me. I still trust God because I know He also loves Abby. 

I don't know if people are still wondering how we are doing or not. But I think we are doing good. It feels like we are doing good. I feel that being able to type out our feelings through all of this has been very healing. Words that otherwise would have been bottled up inside me(us) because I wouldn't have been able to get most of it out without crying. And so many people have told me that they've been so touched by our words and have appreciated being able to "in a sense" go through this journey with us. These are words I'm always blessed to hear. 

I wanted to end with this wonderful article that a friend recently shared with me. Titled "What I wish more people understood about losing a child" 

You can read the entire article here: And #1 is a big one for me. I just don't want people to forget. Yes, we want to have another baby but if/when that happens that baby will never replace Abby. 

1. Remember our children.
The loss of children is a pain all bereaved parents share, and it is a degree of suffering that is impossible to grasp without experiencing it first hand. Often, when we know someone else is experiencing grief, our discomfort keeps us from approaching it head on. But we want the world to remember our child or children, no matter how young or old our child was.
If you see something that reminds you of my child, tell me. If you are reminded at the holidays or on his birthday that I am missing my son, please tell me you remember him. And when I speak his name or relive memories relive them with me, don't shrink away. If you never met my son, don't be afraid to ask about him. One of my greatest joys is talking about Brandon.

2. Accept that you can't "fix" us.
An out-of-order death such as child loss breaks a person (especially a parent) in a way that is not fixable or solvable — ever! We will learn to pick up the pieces and move forward, but our lives will never be the same.
Every grieving parent must find a way to continue to live with loss, and it's a solitary journey. We appreciate your support and hope you can be patient with us as we find our way.
Please: don't tell us it's time to get back to life, that's it's been long enough, or that time heals all wounds. We welcome your support and love, and we know sometimes it hard to watch, but our sense of brokenness isn't going to go away. It is something to observe, recognize, accept. 

3. Know that there are at least two days a year we need a time out.
We still count birthdays and fantasize what our child would be like if he/she were still living. Birthdays are especially hard for us. Our hearts ache to celebrate our child's arrival into this world, but we are left becoming intensely aware of the hole in our hearts instead. Some parents create rituals or have parties while others prefer solitude. Either way, we are likely going to need time to process the marking of another year without our child.
Then there's the anniversary of the date our child became an angel. This is a remarkable process similar to a parent of a newborn, first counting the days, then months then the one year anniversary, marking the time on the other side of that crevasse in our lives.
No matter how many years go by, the anniversary date of when our child died brings back deeply emotional memories and painful feelings (particularly if there is trauma associated with the child's death). The days leading up to that day can feel like impending doom or like it's hard to breathe. We may or may not share with you what's happening.
This is where the process of remembrance will help. If you have heard me speak of my child or supported me in remembering him/her, you will be able to put the pieces together and know when these tough days are approaching.

4. Realize that we struggle every day with happiness.
It's an ongoing battle to balance the pain and guilt of outliving your child with the desire to live in a way that honors them and their time on this earth.
I remember going on a family cruise eighteen months after Brandon died. On the first day, I stood at the back of the ship and bawled that I wasn't sharing this experience with him. Then I had to steady myself, and recognize that I was also creating memories with my surviving sons, and enjoying the time with them in the present moment.
As bereaved parents, we are constantly balancing holding grief in one hand and a happy life after loss in the other. You might observe this when you are with us at a wedding, graduation or other milestone celebration. Don't walk away — witness it with us and be part of our process.

5. Accept the fact that our loss might make you uncomfortable.
Our loss is unnatural, out-of-order; it challenges your sense of safety. You may not know what to say or do, and you're afraid you might make us lose it. We've learned all of this as part of what we're learning about grief.
We will never forget our child. And in fact, our loss is always right under the surface of other emotions, even happiness. We would rather lose it because you spoke his/her name and remembered our child, than try and shield ourselves from the pain and live in denial.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Remembering the Labor and Delivery of Levi

Mike keeps saying I should post Levi's birth story since it's his birthday. So here we go(don't think I remember all this -  I already had it written).

March 21st – Currently a week and one day past my estimated due date. Saw the midwife and she didn’t think I’d make it through the weekend. Just in case I scheduled a biophysical profile for the following Monday.

March 25th – Went for the biophysical profile the baby looked great. Still on for the homebirth. Went and saw the midwife, she checked and I was 2cm dilated. At almost 42 weeks that was not all that encouraging to me. Should be soon!

March 26th – Still no baby and only one more day until I was 42 weeks. A normal gestation period is 38-42 weeks. The average is 40 weeks. I was ok with going up to 42 weeks but didn’t feel comfortable going past that. So I got in touch with an OBGYN in case an induction was needed. I made an appointment for the morning of the 27th. I was told they don’t let their expectant Mom’s go past 41 weeks and that I would more than likely be sent right to the hospital(which I expected). After the phone call as a last resort I attempted to get contractions started with nipple stimulation. And it was actually working. I was having contractions about 10 minutes apart all day. And then toward late afternoon they started getting closer together. About supper time they picked up to 5 minutes apart and I no longer needed to do any stimulation. After supper I wanted ice cream so we went to Meadows for custard. :) As the evening progressed the contractions started to slow down to 6-8 minutes apart which was discouraging. I attempted to rest that night but the contractions kept coming and got closer together again so there was no rest for the weary. Early Wednesday morning I found myself leaning over the bathroom sink(a favorite spot) with contractions coming 3/4 minutes apart and getting more intense. I decided it was time to call the midwife and Mike filled the birth pool while we waited for her. She arrived around 3:30 and her assistant soon after. I was thinking we were getting closer to Levi’s birth. If only I had known…

Since I was in labor my appointment with the OBGYN was cancelled and most of Wednesday was spent like this and in other various positions. I knew labor would be hard and painful but I never could imagined how bad it would be. I won’t even talk about all the the moaning/groaning I did.

I think my love for my husband quadrupled over those few days. He was awesome and wonderful and barely left my side. My heart swells with love every time I look at these pictures.

By that evening the contractions were slowing. Not at all what I wanted. We sent the midwife and assistant home and I tried to rest hoping that the next day would bring Levi. I labored through the night. Contractions 8/15 minutes apart making it impossible to sleep. I got a little rest but not what I had hoped for.

March 28th -  By Thursday afternoon the contractions were back to 4/6 minutes apart and lasting a minute and a half long. Then they went from that to being back to back. Yup, awful and I think this is the only time I shed a few tears. When checked I was only 5/6 centimeters dilated. Yup, all that work and only half way there. Oh and lying on my back was pretty much the worst position to be in!!

At around 9:20 my water broke. I was thinking finally! Now we can really make some process!

March 29th – A few very painful hours later no more process had really been made and after days of contractions I was finally starting to lose control from the pain. When the midwives said it could still be hours until he came I made the call to head to the hospital for an epidural… I had endured all that I could. I was pretty worried about the trip to the hospital. Even though it’s only a 5/10 minute ride. I’m pretty sure my contractions once again slowed down while we were throwing a bag together for the hospital/during the ride over.

I believe my midwife called ahead to let them know we were coming but I can’t even remember. We arrived at the hospital around 3:30am. Mike dropped me off at the ER and a nurse wheeled me up to the the maternity floor. A nurse checked me and again said 5/6 cm dilated. Mike came in around then and said she was saying I was going to end up with a c-section because something didn’t feel right. Then the Doctor came in to also check me and do a sonogram. She said everything looked fine and they were going to let me continue to labor with an epidural and see what happened.

The epidural wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Maybe my senses were just dulled for all the pain I had experienced but it didn’t really hurt that much when they put it in. The bad thing was that once I was all hooked up I was finally getting relief from the contractions on the right side of my body but they were still awful on the left side. So everything was ripped out and inserted a second time. Probably getting the tape ripped of my back hurt more than the insertion of the epidural. But the second time worked and I was FINALLY pain free, the lights were dimmed and I was ready for some sleep(as much as you can get in a hospital).

A few hours later a midwife was in to see us. She said my contractions had spaced out to 8 minutes apart and weren’t picking up. I was still around 5 cm dilated and they were going to start me on pitocin to try and get them closer together. I’m not sure what time it was at this point. probably 8:30 or so. A few hours later there still wasn’t any change. I can’t remember if they had upped the pitocin level but I think they did. Levi’s heart decals were starting to flatten a little bit so they were keeping an eye on that. A few more hours later and the on call Doctor was brought in to check on me. I was still no more dilated than when I had arrived at the Doctors and while I had the option to continue to labor his recommendation was a c-section. Because of how long I had been in labor, the lack of any progress, and Levi’s heart decals we decided to go that route before it ended up becoming a emergency c-section. Plus I was just so ready to meet by baby and relieved that it was finally going to happen.

At one point I had eaten a blue raspberry popsicle(that didn’t stay down) and it had made my lips/tongue VERY blue. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked if I was ok and why were my lips blue. Haha! Even the anesthesiologist was asking.

They rolled me into the operating room and started prepping me for surgery. The guys in there were hilarious. Asking me if I could get myself from the bed to the operating table (umm nope I have no feeling in my legs). Telling me that they were doing to do what they called the “log roll” to get me onto the operating table. And that they only drop people on Fridays. Haha! They did know how to lighten the mood. Once Mike came in I told him the first thing I wanted to do when it was all over was eat something. He thought I was loopy from the drugs but I was seriously HUNGRY and hadn’t had a real meal in forever! ;-)

And then it happened, at 2:44pm we heard a little (very little) cry and Levi was here!! Once they had me cut Mike got to peek around the sheet while they pulled him out. And then they brought him around so I could see him for a second before they took him away. Mike went with them and was able to cut his cord(for the second time). Weighted in at 9lbs 7 ounces and was 23 inches long. And he was also posterior which is why my labor wasn’t progressing the way it should have been.

I ended up staying in the hospital from Friday until Monday because I had been running a high temperature and they were worried about a uterine infection. All was good though and I couldn’t have been happier to get home with our new little bundle.

No it wasn’t at all the homebirth I had envisioned but we were all healthy and that was the most important thing of all!!

I was so thankful to finally have him home and to be able to look over and see him in the pack n' play. It sat there empty waiting for a month!!

Such a sweet little man!! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Levi!!

Handsome little man of mine, tonight's writing takes me from tears to smiles. You bring so much joy into my life. Although it's 10:30 and you just started crying. And of course I have no idea why you are crying and I'm pretty sure you don't either. So you are in your room bawling and I am sitting out in the hallway typing. Maybe I'm a mean Mom but sometimes you just can't be reasoned with. It seems like you want to read Llama Llama Nighty Night but then again you really don't. Ahh, toddlers! And then just like that I lay down with you, you have some water and fall back to sleep. I guess you just want to remind me what it's like to not get much sleep. 

Three years ago bringing you into this world wasn't all that easy either. You were very over due and labor dragged on forever until we ended up having a c-section. Totally unplanned and totally worth it. Our little bundle of joy! I will share a few favorite photos... Or will try too. It's so hard to just pick a couple.

Just how did you get so big so fast buddy?! Mommy is glad you still let her rock you at night. And your I love you's are so sweet and the way you like to hold my hand if I'm sitting beside you. You are head strong but a great kid and I can't wait to have 3 year old adventures with you!! 

Love ya kiddo!! Happy 3rd Birthday!! <3 

Sweet Girl It's Been Two Months

Two months since we said good-bye. Sitting here looking at your pictures makes me cry. Little Abby you are still missed so very much! We think about you so many times every single day. You were so wanted and so loved and we wish we never had to say that last good-bye. Tomorrow is your big brother's 3rd birthday and how I wish you were here to celebrate with us. Levi was going to be such a great big brother!

Today I sat and thought about that last day I had with you. I knew time was close which is why I had Daddy come home from work early. Your breathing was so slow. I barely let anyone else hold you and wanted you all to myself and even hid in the bedroom when friends came. Sweet girl, I will never forget the moment while I held you in my arms that you took your last breath! I am so glad I was chosen to be your Momma, even if it was for such a short amount of time. Love you forever!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life With Levi Chapter Two

Yay for some warm spring-like weather that allowed Levi to get outside and ride his pony at Pappy and Grammy's. He also came down with a nasty cold which hasn't been all that enjoyable (yay for snot!).

During the last week we've finally dived into potty training. I've been totally dragging my feet and I finally determined that there would never be the "perfect" time to start so I figured it was as good of a time as any. Levi did not want to wear underwear at first and repeatedly asked for a diaper change. I think he's finally adjusted to the whole underwear thing. Although the last couple days underwear have been pull ups but he's been doing pretty good with them. Below is apparently his puppy dog side kick and potty training at the park - a.k.a sitting on the potty in the back of the van. P.S. I greatly dislike potty training...

Lots of fuzzy, blurry feeling under the weather type pictures this week. It feels like he and I just got over colds only to have him turn around and get another one. Hopefully this is it for awhile. I hate it when he doesn't feel good...

The other morning he came downstairs to find me drinking coffee. He insisted that he needed coffee as well so I put a tablespoon and a half in a espresso mug. He took like two sips. I really don't think he liked it all that much but it made him feel special. :-)

Today we got to spend a big part of day with one of my bestest friends ever and her kids. Levi had a great time playing and we even got to stop at the park for a little bit. Some rain showers came to spoil the fun but they had fun for a little while...

The following picture tells two different stories. One - Levi is sick and is still wearing out quicker than normal. Two - Levi had a lot of fun today. Because if you know us at all then I'm sure we've told you once or twice that Levi NEVER sleeps in the car. And we aren't exaggerating... 

Our Angel Girl Abigail Rose

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Another Year Older

Today is my birthday. At 9:40 pm I officially turned 33! So glad to be able to celebrate today with my favorite people, Mike, Levi, and my parents(not pictured). As far as birthdays go it was a good day. And there was yummy fruit pizza so I was happy!

I'm still a little sad that my little man is sick. You always know he's not feeling well when he falls asleep in the car - which is exactly what he did on our way to the way to the cemetery to visit Abby's grave(it was a special time for Mike and I). And I'm hoping he feels better soon!

I don't know what God has for store for me(and my family) over the course of the next year but I pray that I embrace it and accept whatever it is with grace and willing heart to follow His will. My wants and desires don't always fall into God's time table and I need to learn to accept that. A friend of ours ended a email that was an update about his cancer journey with this: God is good. In all things. All the time. And I do believe that with all my heart!

Throwback to my 1st birthday when life was easy!!

My love and I!! <3

May be a little weird but going to visit Abby's grave was one of the best parts of my day. She would have been two months old today and we hadn't been able to make it out since she was buried. The heart wreath from her graveside service was laying there so we removed the dead flowers and sunk it into the ground behind her grave. I knew that her Uncle Nathan(who was stillborn) was already laid to rest in the grave beside her but I started crying as I realized that she was surrounded by several other infants and young children. My heart broke for the other parents that have walked this journey before us. My heart breaks for the parents who will walk this journey after us. Those last few days of her life were the hardest days ever. Days I never wish to go back and repeat but I will be forever thankful for the 15 short days we able to hold Abby in our arms. 

Happy two month birthday my little angel! We love you and miss you! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Life With Levi

The week isn’t quite over but here is some of the fun Levi had this week…

First up is “quite time”. This doesn’t happen every day. But sometimes Momma just needs a break. Levi is never a big fan. Every great once in awhile he falls asleep. Normally after he’s done crying he ends up looking at books and playing which is ok with me. This allows me to get a few extra things don in peace(all Mom’s everywhere are nodding their heads and saying Amen!).

At the ripe old age of almost three Levi had his first taste of lollipop. Or in this case tootsie pop. Only thing is he tried to chew on it the entire time and I was so afraid he was going to damage those beautiful teeth. So after awhile I had to confiscate it and gave him a regular piece of dark chocolate instead. Either way he was quite happy!

Levi is actually great with his colors so sorting the counting bears is easy for him. I think we need to use this to teach him to count a little better instead. But I still enjoy hearing him say the colors and watching the bears go into the correct cups. He’s known all the letters of the alphabet since he was two(still working on the ABC’s song) and he can count to 15 “maybe” 20 on a good day.

Tuesday was beautiful and Mike only had to work half a day so we ended up heading to the park where we feed the geese and ducks(not pictured) and played at the playground for awhile. I love this rare warm March days. Makes me ready for spring(minus allergies) and summer(minus the heat). And yes… I may have been enjoying a Starbucks caramel macchiato.

Today was another beautiful day so we ended up at the playground of a near by church. I can’t believe how much bigger he is this year. He was climbing like a pro today!! Love this little guys smiling face. Plus today he was super good and happy so that always make him(and life) more enjoyable. This little guy pretty much has me wrapped around his finger… well, most of the time!

Adding a little something fun for toddlers learning their alphabets. A free alphabet printable from mrprintables. Go HERE to download your own copy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello Goodbye

It's been 8 weeks since Abby was born. And this coming Sunday she would have been two months old. I still can't stop posting about her quite often. I'm sure these posts will inevitably slow down at some point. But her loss still was not all that long ago and I enjoy sharing pictures and sharing songs(like the one below) that I run across and touch my heart. The original lyrics have the name Noah in them which I replaced with Abby. I suggest going to the bottom of the post and playing the video while you read the lyrics. <3
Hello Goodbye
Where's the navigator of your destiny
Where is the dealer of this hand
Who can explain life and its brevity
'Cause there is nothing here that I can understand

You and I have barely met
And I just don't want to let go of you yet

Abby, hello, good-bye
I'll see you on the other side
Abby, sweet child of mine
I'll see you on the other side

And so I'll hold your tiny hand in mine
For the hardest thing I've ever had to face
Heaven calls for you, before it calls for me
When you get there save me a place

A place where I can share your smile
And I can hold you for more than just a while

Abby, hello, good-bye
I'll see you on the other side
Abby, sweet child of mine
I'll see you on the other side