Friday, March 11, 2016

Life With Levi

The week isn’t quite over but here is some of the fun Levi had this week…

First up is “quite time”. This doesn’t happen every day. But sometimes Momma just needs a break. Levi is never a big fan. Every great once in awhile he falls asleep. Normally after he’s done crying he ends up looking at books and playing which is ok with me. This allows me to get a few extra things don in peace(all Mom’s everywhere are nodding their heads and saying Amen!).

At the ripe old age of almost three Levi had his first taste of lollipop. Or in this case tootsie pop. Only thing is he tried to chew on it the entire time and I was so afraid he was going to damage those beautiful teeth. So after awhile I had to confiscate it and gave him a regular piece of dark chocolate instead. Either way he was quite happy!

Levi is actually great with his colors so sorting the counting bears is easy for him. I think we need to use this to teach him to count a little better instead. But I still enjoy hearing him say the colors and watching the bears go into the correct cups. He’s known all the letters of the alphabet since he was two(still working on the ABC’s song) and he can count to 15 “maybe” 20 on a good day.

Tuesday was beautiful and Mike only had to work half a day so we ended up heading to the park where we feed the geese and ducks(not pictured) and played at the playground for awhile. I love this rare warm March days. Makes me ready for spring(minus allergies) and summer(minus the heat). And yes… I may have been enjoying a Starbucks caramel macchiato.

Today was another beautiful day so we ended up at the playground of a near by church. I can’t believe how much bigger he is this year. He was climbing like a pro today!! Love this little guys smiling face. Plus today he was super good and happy so that always make him(and life) more enjoyable. This little guy pretty much has me wrapped around his finger… well, most of the time!

Adding a little something fun for toddlers learning their alphabets. A free alphabet printable from mrprintables. Go HERE to download your own copy!

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