Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pure & Simple Essential Oil Mouth Wash

It's the little things that we start with that really help us understand how powerful Essential Oils are and what a difference they make in our lives. Many just start out with adding a little Lavender to their lotion or maybe someone has given them a room spray of Witch Hazel and Shield.

Mouthwash is a pretty universal item. We've all heard of it and probably have used it most of our lives. Making your own healthy alternative is another small step you can take to incorporating more EO's into your daily routines.

Keep a small shot glass by your toothbrush, add water and 2 drops of your favorite EO, Swirl and Swish! My personal favorite? Cinnamon and Lime. I premix this 3 drops Lime to 1 drop Cinnamon. Spearmint would have to be my next favorite.

What will your favorite be?

Geranium & Lemon (promotes healing)
Wild Orange

(use caution with little ones)

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