Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thank You Lord

Ever since I saw pictures my co-worker brought back from her Missions trip to Africa I've been thinking about how thankful I am for what God has blessed me with. And I've been wondering if I am thankful enough… I am so very VERY blessed. There’s not a single thing in my life I could legitimately complain about.  Yet, by reading blogs and surfing the internet I get a small glance into other people’s lives. And then despite all the blessings I've been given and should be oh so grateful for, instead I become ungrateful and perhaps a little bit covetous because they have something I want. And I’ll admit one of the biggest things I struggle with is watching stay at home Mom’s or work from home Mom’s interacting with their kids. To be at home with my kid is the one true dream I've always had. And I get jealous when I see other people living that dream.  I haven’t given up on the dream coming true at some point, I just need to be patient until it does.

I think of the pictures of the people in Africa – they don’t have the most stylish clothes, you see them cooking on outdoor fires, they have simple homes and simple furniture in their homes. They work hard, I doubt they take vacations like we do. Yet the one consistent thing you see is the smiles on their faces. And I’m not saying they are always happy – it doesn't matter who you are or where you live we are all human and all experience the same emotions – sadness, disappointment, jealousy. But I just have to wonder if you took away our large homes, stylish clothes, washing machines and stoves would we still smile at all? Or would we just grumble and complain about life not being fair?

I don’t think it’s wrong to want nice things or to have nice things. But when our happiness relies on having those things then our priorities are out of order. I want to be content in every area of my life. Because all the things in the picture above are true for me. My essential needs in life are met. And I am grateful!      

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