Friday, May 12, 2017

Levi Turns Four (Two Months Ago)

One post I've been meaning to do forever. I find the more pictures I have to sort through and pick from the longer it takes me to get a post done.

Grammy and Pappy took the birthday boy out to Dunkin Donuts for a birthday doughnut. Always a hit! Although he looks depressed in the third picture here. Haha!

I did my best to make his favorite meal and let him pick out special treats. This means we had cheeseburgers, Gibbles cheese puffs and watermelon.

He also picked out cupcakes that had little ducks on them. 
P.S. taking pictures of a 4 year old seems to be too challenging for me... 

He had a blast opening his presents... Although there was no trombone. A trumpet will have to do.  

And ended his day with a bath bomb. This is the life! 

But the birthday fun didn't end here. 
All the Grandparents came over for a little party a couple of days later. 

Happy 4th Birthday Kiddo!!

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