Sunday, April 2, 2017

Baker Park Frederick MD

Anytime the weather is beautiful over the weekend we are always looking for fun places that are not too far away that we can go to and walk and play. Last weekend was one of those weekends. Mike found Baker Park in Frederick, MD and wanted to go check it out. I grabbed a few non-cooperative pictures of the little man before we headed out...

It was an easy drive and finding the park wasn't difficult. There are no parking lots so you have to rely on street parking. Fortunately there seemed to be plenty of nearby streets with free parking which is always a plus! And there were plenty of areas for us to walk and explore! First up a quick Mommy & Levi selfie! 

Levi can find benches to sit on and rocks to climb on no matter where our travels take us! 

Culler Lake 

Homes and buildings we saw while walking...

Mike by the Skaters Shelter at Culler Lake 

The walk ended up connecting us with Carroll Creek Canal which is a place we normally end up at in Frederick so that was a nice surprise! Mike and Levi along the Carroll Creek Canal


Beautiful Baker Park! Apparently they have a children's theater here in the summer!

Playing at the one playground and then supper at Red Robin (where Levi ate most of my hamburger)!


We had a great time exploring Baker Park in Frederick, MD and definitely recommend it anytime your looking for something to do on a weekend. Next time we are packing a picnic lunch and getting ice cream along the Carroll Creek canal! 

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