Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey Week One

Ah, the dreaded scales. If you’re like me then you probably hate to face the number looking back up at you when you’re standing on them. The first 6 months after Levi was born I pretty much could have cared less about my weight. All I cared about as a first time Mom was taking care my son the best that could. Babies cute and cuddly but boy do they come with a lot of work attached to them (don’t worry – it’s worth the extra work!)!  After that it seemed like we zoomed right into cold weather and the holiday season. I did my best to find time to walk on the treadmill but extra time is not something that I have a lot of. Then in January when Levi was 10 months old I committed to lose the baby weight HERE. Well, guess what?! Since then, 5 months later I’m down 5 pounds. Sigh! Obviously I haven’t been working very hard on this. So the time has come for me to do a weekly “Weigh In” on how things are going and to keep me focused on my goals.

Losing weight is never easy for me. It’s always a frustrating journey. The last time I lost A LOT of weight I was still living at home, had little responsibility, was exercising 2 hours a day and eating like a bird. In other words I wasn’t doing it the healthy way. Now that I’m married, have a baby and work a full time job it hasn’t gotten any easier. I just look at unhealthy food and I gain weight – forget about what happens when I actually eat it. But I still know that I am capable of losing weight IF it’s what I really want to do. And it is.

What is driving me to lose weight?

#1 – I want to be healthy. And at my current weight I’m above the recommended weight for my height and frame.

#2 – Heart problems run in my family. I want to run faster do my best to stay healthy and keep my heart healthy! Despite the fact that I already eat a pretty healthy diet at 31 years old my Cholesterol is borderline to being high. It drives me CRAZY that my husband and I eat almost the same foods and he has great Cholesterol and mine is a little less than stellar.

#3 – I want to be able to keep up with my one year old. I want to be a healthy example for him to look up to!

#4 – I want to be able to hike with Husband without sounding like I’m going to die. LOL!

#5 – I like to be able to run 5 miles. This is a lofty goal seeing as how I hate running and can only do maybe a mile if I really put my mind to it.

#6 – I have all these cute summer clothes that don’t fit and I was really hoping to be back in them by now.

So I have my eye on the prize and now I need to set small goals to reach until I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and then I can focus on my goal weight.

Goal ONE: Get to 165 pounds. I’ve been so close several times but I haven’t been able to get there!

Pregnancy Weight: 205

Week 1 Weight: 167.4

Lost: 37.6 pounds

Pounds to Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 17.4

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 150

**Goal Weight: 140**

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