Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekend Rewind February Week Three

What a wonderful weekend this was!! The warm weather has been amazing and we are loving it!! We know it's going to get cold again so we are doing everything we can to enjoy this weather while we can. :)

Starting off with a little Valentine's Day cookie that Levi was thrilled to get <3

A perfectly yummy breakfast from Big Oak. Levi wanted a cinnamon twist which he enjoyed after he ate half of a egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. He also enjoyed a couple donut holes. The way to get this kid to eat a good breakfast is give him sweets... 

Some Saturday morning Leapfrog watching while we were cleaning the house. 

Levi enjoying some "coffee" because he hadn't had enough sugar yet... 

We found a nice little park to stop at in Frederick before heading to town for a walk. 

Walking along the Carrol Creek Canal. He's very ornery but I love his sweet smile.  

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