Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Rewind February Week Two

Levi's weekend included enjoying some Dona Pepa chocolate cookies! These came all the way from Peru and an awesome co-worker of mine shared some of her remaining stash with Levi. He was very excited when I showed him his special treat! 

Saturday was such an awesome day. We started out making waffles and having a delicious breakfast!! You can never go wrong with such an adorable helper and homemade waffles!!

Saturday was gorgeous out! Unfortunately I spent most of the day inside and didn't realize until mid-afternoon that it was a beautiful spring-like day. However, we managed to salvage part of the afternoon by stopping by Rooster Moon for some coffee and then heading to Hagerstown park for a walk. 

Love this shaggy headed little man of mine (should have had Daddy get in the selfie too)!! 

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