Monday, February 1, 2016

Abby's Services January 30, 2016

I’d like to take this moment angel girl
To tell you, you are loved, your father’s joy.
Your life on earth was not what we had planned
But your Maker knew, and knows, and understands.
And why your time was so short, God only knows
I’m  just thankful to have known you, Abigail Rose.
Your long black hair, your tiny hands, your perfect little face
You’ll truly live forever, in our hearts you have a place.
We always have, and always will, love you precious Abby
You made us smile, you made us cry, so tearful and happy.
And why your time was so short, God only knows
I’ll see you soon in Heaven, Abigail Rose. <3

~ Written by a friend ~

This morning we laid our sweet Abby to rest beside her Uncle Nathan who was stillborn in 2005. The cemetery is small, out in the country with the mountains close by. It felt like the perfect resting spot. Then this afternoon we had her memorial service at our church. We were touched by the amount of people who came to honor our baby girl. It was a special time of family & friends. There were tears but laughter as well. The service was special and meant a lot to us. It was everything we could have asked for. I'm very tired and words just aren't flowing tonight like they do sometimes. I did want to share a special poem that was written for our girl that we had on one of the photo boards from today...

- Melissa

Again there is not much to add to what Melissa said. The service was a blessing at a time like this and again there are so many people to thank. I hardly know how to begin to thank everyone for coming and for those who made everything possible. I don't think anyone realized how much the little things meant to us. Just being there meant so much to us. It was a beautiful morning and Abby is resting in a peaceful place surrounded by mountains. After they placed her small casket in the ground I filled the grave myself. It was the last time I would ever be able to do something for my daughter and I wanted to do it for her. I am thankful for everyone who had a part and the kindness that was shown to us. I am glad the Doctor, Midwives, and Nurses from Chambersburg were there. I hope they know we do not blame them. This had to be hard on them as well. For someone who only lived for 15 days my daughter's life touched many people....


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