Sunday, February 7, 2016

God's Gift Of Time (Remembering Abby)

We lovingly honor the memory 
of sweet Abby who was
with us too briefly.

we all need a time to grieve - 
quiet time for reflection
to sift through memories
and come to grips
with what has happened

we all need a time for tears,
not for the one who is now 
at peace in heaven,
but for ourselves as we realize
that things will never be the same

we all need a time to just "be"
when we can open ourselves to God
and let the reassurance
of His everlasting love
start to heal our broken hearts. 

(taken from a sympathy card)


  1. Been praying for you guys as you move forward on this journey that's uncharted; no maps to follow. Praying that you can stay close as a couple, even as you probably grieve in different ways. It is beautiful to see God's grace coming out in your posts! Sarah (sister to Si D.)