Monday, February 1, 2016

Abigail (Abby) Rose - January 17, 2016 Update

When you are facing impossible situations you always pray that the start of a new day will bring encouraging news or the miracle you've been praying for. That did not happen for us today. After slowly warming Abby's body up last night her brain activity continued to be monitored. Unfortunately, the news that was returned is there is still no activity showing in Abby's brain. So many things are working properly in her precious little body but her brain just isn't functioning. 

Where we go from here. This one is the hardest questions of them all. There is no treatment for a brain injury like Abby's. So the next thing on our list is that tomorrow Abby will be having an MRI done. The MRI isn't expected to change the current prognosis but will confirm what we've been told as well as show where the damage in Abby's brain is. Then at some point we should be able to get some pictures taken with Abby and hold and cuddle her as much as possible. We are not sure how much time we will have with Abby, it could be days it could be a week... 

We never would have fathomed that our time with Abby would be so short. We love this precious child God has given us, even if it is only for a brief time on this earth. We are praying for God's strength to carry us through the days to come and are thankful for the prayers going up for us and our loving and supportive family and friends who are here loving on us and crying with us. 

Leaning on our Heavenly Father, 
Mike and Melissa


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