Saturday, February 13, 2016

I'm Rocking My "Baby"

I've always liked this saying. Probably because I don't love cleaning. Tonight, like most recent nights, Levi asked to be rocked at bedtime. And you know what, I choose to rock him. He'll be 3 soon and this Mama thought his rocking days were over awhile ago but lately he's been asking to be rocked. I'll admit sometimes at bedtime I'm in a hurry to get him in bed so I can have a little quite time before it's my own bedtime(even more so when I'm alone with him all day). But since losing Abby I've been cherishing this time with him again. Feeling his little body snuggled against mine comforts my heart. I know that soon he won't asked to be rocked any more. Or he'll be too big and I won't be able to rock him anymore. 

Because Abby never came out of her coma I never got to rock her to sleep like you'd normally get to with a child. She was always sleeping. So we held her every minute that we were awake. And when bedtime came I'd careful wrap my arm around her as she lay beside me on the quilt my Mom made her. But I never experienced that special time of cuddling her close and rocking her to sleep. So for now you will find me rocking Levi at night. Cherishing that short amount of time with him at the end of the day knowing that all too soon I'll blink and he'll be grown. 

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