Monday, February 1, 2016

Abigial (Abby) Rose - January 15, 2016 Update

Melissa's Update

24 hours after my c-section I was able to be discharged from Chambersburg Hospital last night(Thursday) and travel up to York to be with Mike and Abby. The discharged me pretty quickly so I could be with Abby. I am very tired and sore and in some pain but at the same time thrilled to be able to be here to watch and touch Abby. This evening they let me take her temperature and wash her face off. I am taking pain medication and resting/sleeping with my feet up as much as possible. I am also pumping and saving breast milk for Abby. Please pray that my body continues to heal, that the pain will diminish and that my milk will come in soon. 

Abby's Update:

Today has been a day that was both encouraging and discouraging. This morning the Neurologist talked with us. Abby's kidneys, lungs, and heart all seem to be working properly. Her labs have looked great. And it doesn't appear that she's had anymore seizures. The Neurologist is very concerned with Abby's lack of brain activity. At this point he would like to see more peaks on the machine that monitors her brain wave but her readings are steady. Yesterday her condition was considered moderate to severe. Today it was considered severe. She also still has swelling on her brain and is still in a coma.

This afternoon they were able to remove Abby's breathing tube and move her to a cpap. There have been several times where the prongs from the oxygen came out of her nose and she was breathing on her own during those moments which we are thankful for. She was also taken off her seizure mediation. They will continue to monitor her for seizures and if she has more they will restart the medicine. 

Tomorrow: Not a whole lot is planned for most of tomorrow. She will continue to be on the cooling blanket until late tomorrow evening. At that point they will slowly start to raise her temperature back up and we'll see how she handles that. 

The Future: There are still no definite answers and many unknowns on how the condition of Abby's brain will affect her future. She may be facing mental and/or physical disabilities. There is nothing more we can do except continue to take one day at a time. The staff here have been amazing and have stressed over and over that they will be here with us each step of the way providing Abby with the best of care and making sure we have the support we need. This is obviously a very emotional time for us and we continue to covet everyone's prayers. 

Trusting in the Great Physician, 
Mike and Melissa 

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