Monday, February 1, 2016

Abigail (Abby) Rose - January 14, 2016

Originally posted January 14, 2016 by Mike on our Caring Bridges page:

Abby was born January 13, 2016, her birth weight was 7 lbs and 5 oz and she was 20 inches in length. 
She had a rough start with an emergency c-section and was delivered with birth asphyxia. Abby was born with no heartbeat but the medical staff at the Chambersburg Hospital was able to resuscitate her. Once she was stabilized she was flown to York Hospital where she is currently receiving care. Because of the asphyxia there is concern for her internal organs with her brain being the major focus. They currently have her on a cooling blanket and her current state is that of a coma. They will monitor her and have her on the cooling blanket for 72 hours. Then they will slowly take her off and warm her. There are many questions that will not be answered for weeks. Some questions may not be answered for years. There is no medical reason that they were able to find for the cause of the asphyxia. Our only thought right now is that our baby girl is happy and she knows that her Mommy and Daddy love her no matter what. Please pray with us that she will continue to develop and that her body did not suffer too much from the asphyxia. We will continue to post updates to this website. Thank you!


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